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Oct 29, 2012 8:30pm EDT
past congress, a congress that has done everything but address the challenges we face, you have a ryan plan that not once, but twice my opponent voted for that continues to give additional benefits and cuts to the most fortunate americans, additional subsidies to large oil companies and companies shipping jobs overseas. and to pay for that it is asking seniors to take medicare, the medicare guarantee and turn it into a voucher which will cost seniors $6400 a year more. taking students and asking them to pay more for loans, cutting pell grants. it's taking middle class families and increasing their taxes -- >> moderator: i'm hearing you say the general sense of fairness, this 70/30 that you've come up with. congressman, you signed a pledge for grover norquist's americans for tax reform to never raise taxes, but now you're saying you would consider deficit reduction solutions that would include increased revenue. why the change? dold: well, certainly if you're going to lower rates or raise rates in one area, you've got to lower them in another. and i don't believe that raising taxes is n
Nov 2, 2012 8:00pm EDT
changed for our seniors right now, unless we repeal the affordable care act. ryan budget is not a voucher program. it is a needs-based government supported premium program. it has bipartisan support. the plan was, as you become eligible for medicare, you have choices. you can shop around for a medicare plan and have the government subsidize and provide premium support for you. but it is a needs-based. i think that the scare tactic for our seniors has been really reprehensible. >> moderator: he had to do that by law, right? anyone but ryan's members of the affordable care act, the affordable care act uses the $700 billion to fund the entitlement. what ryan did you put that money back into the medicare system to make it solvent and to make it healthier to the current seniors receiving medicare can be there for them. >> moderator: ursala rozum, you get 30 seconds. rozum: it shows how complicated and it's optional our health care system is. there are some cuts she supported. but i just don't medicare and social security to be solvent for people over 55 years old. i wanted to be solvent for fu
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2